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Private Classes - Yoga & Therapy

For self exploration, relieve and prevention of pain.

Do you want a practice that is specifically designed for YOU?

As you are unique in your personality, you are unique in your body structure, function and its actual use in all kinds of activities. In the private classes you get a practice that is right for you at that moment. It is designed for your body structure, function and your actual mind-set.

Yoga - You will move through simple movements that encourage you to explore the connectedness of your body, physical tensions and blockages. Also, you will learn about your specific physical habits that can be harmful for you in a long run. As you explore these harmful habits, you will learn to move with less strain, less tension and more effortlessly with grace and ease.

Therapy - I will help you to relieve pain by using certain types of movements and positions. It will stretch and strengthen your body and it will bring bigger awareness into how you coordinate yourself in movement. We all have our unique habitual way of moving in walking, sitting down and even when practising sport or yoga. When you repeat certain movements over and over again, it can reinforce your harmful coordination and can cause strain, pain and injury. By re-learning a new way of moving, stress, pain and discomfort can be relieved.

Discover the benefits:

bring ease, lightness and coordination into your movements

move more efficiently in terms of body mechanics

improve your overall body functioning, mobility and functional strength

improve posture

learn to actively relax

relieve of pain - such as in low back, midback, upper back, neck, shoulder, knee and feet

relieve of stress - you experience less anxiety and improved stress management

relieve of repetitive strain injury and sport injury

You will move with less effort, less tension and with more ease. Your coordination is improved as well as range of motion and functional strength.


a single session: 45€

10 session: 400€ (40€ per session)

Class sizes are small, please contact us

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Testimony & Thoughts

Besides the fact that Izabella is an intuitive, skilled and caring teacher, the regular yoga has helped me regain the flexibility and core strength that I had 35 years ago. It also effects my thought process in a positive and creative manner. Regular practice with a skilled teacher is one of the secrets to a better quality of life and Izabella is one of those loving and skilled teachers who can take you there.

Don't wait, life moves fast.

Dr. Colin Moore