Small Group Classes

In small group classes (max. 5 people) we put emphasis on the body. Exercises are tools that help you to experience more space, lightness, and relaxation in your body.

The objectives of the classes are to be here and now ... to allow thoughts and worries to fade effortlessly ... and to connect with our bodies naturally.

From the first class you can already feel the benefits: deep relaxation, fewer thoughts and a lighter body. In other words, a very different body experience compared to the beginning of the class, feeling the body lighter, more spacious and flexible.

The exercises are safe and are designed to work with the chronic tension that we all have.

There are three types of classes

1 - Release tension and relax deeply: These classes are designed so that you can relieve tension, connect more deeply with your body and calm your mind. Read more...

2 - Strength and posture: The second line of my classes is designed to strengthen your body, learn good ways to move and improve your posture. Read more...

3 - Mindfulness and movement: The third line of my classes is designed so that you learn to calm your mind and manage stress better. Read more...


Morning and afternoon/evening from Monday to Friday


first trial class: 12 euros;

monthly 1x a week: 45 euros;

monthly 2x a week: 70 euros;

Class sizes are small, please contact us
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"Yoga with Izabella gives me inner peace, and helps me a lot to connect and feel better with myself and with others. "
Noèlia Arco

Izabella Jónás PhD