Private Classes

In private classes you will not only follow a sequence of exercises but I will help you learn to follow your body, its signals, its sensations and its own rhythm.

So I not only adapt the exercises but I adapt the whole class for you. Thus the class will be very specific, since each of us has their own specific tensions. These tensions cause compensations in your body generating unnecessary forces, pain and injury. During the classes we help to release these tensions through body movements and positions and we experience more space, lightness and mobility in the body.

I recommend taking private classes if you need a guide for your body. Especially if you have chronic pain and/or want to know your body better.

Discover the benefits:

bring ease, lightness and coordination into your movements

move more efficiently in terms of body mechanics

improve your overall body functioning, mobility and functional strength

improve posture

learn to actively relax

relieve of pain - such as in low back, midback, upper back, neck, shoulder, knee and feet

relieve of stress - you experience less anxiety and improved stress management

relieve of repetitive strain injury and sport injury


a single session: 45€

10 session: 400€ (40€ per session)


"Yoga with Izabella gives me inner peace, and helps me a lot to connect and feel better with myself and with others. "
Noèlia Arco

Izabella Jónás PhD Izabella Jónás PhD