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Izabella Jónás PhD

I was born in Budapest, Hungary.  Since a young age, I have been interested in body movement and exercise.  I practised athletics for nine years and was nominated in national and international competitions.  Later on, I practised competitional aerobic, fitness acrobatic and improvisative dance.

In 2003, I certified with a MSc. in Human Kinesiology, in Semmelweis University, Budapest, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences.  I wrote my dissertation in "Treatment of chronic low back pain in spinal disorders with McKenzie Method."

In 2005, I received a PhD position at the University of Groningen, in The Netherlands.  Four years later, I earned my doctorate degree in Neuroscience studying the effects of voluntary physical activity and nutrition on energy balance and emotionality, and their role in treatment of complex diseases, such as obesity and depression.

After my studies, I dedicated myself to improve the physical health of people.

I have studied and practised yoga in the tradition of Sri. T. Krishnamacharya under the inspiring and experienced teachers of A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan and Ganesh Mohan.  Most recently, I am finishing a Yoga Therapy Program, which concentrates on combining the most effective aspects of traditional yoga with modern science. I completed Modules on Musculo-skeletal system, Respiratory and Cardiovascular disorders, Neurological, Digestive and Immune system, Yoga for Elderly, Managing Stress, Anxiety, Mild Depression and Common Emotional Disorders.

To broaden my view on health, I am a regular private student in the Alexander Technique which is further enriching my view on yoga.

Currently I am working at El Born Chiropractic in Barcelona and in Sant Cugat.

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Izabella Jónás PhD
Izabella Jónás PhD