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Small Group Yoga Classes

Learn to bring ease and coordination into movements.

The aim of the yoga class is that you move more efficiently in terms of body mechanics. You learn to bring ease and coordination into simple, basic and fundamental movements such as bending over, turning around, and reaching to the side. Also, you will learn to relax actively and use imagination for self-empowerment.

Most of the time we engage in complex movements. However, our coordination is not ready or prepared for that complex movement. We can do it and we do it, however over time it may lead to more strain and miscoordination.

Therefore, Yoga & Movement Therapy offers classes to improve this coordination through the use of simple and basic movements. As a result, your overall body functioning improves and your form participating in other physical activities will improve.

Who can benefit? All who...

want to improve the form of movements

have back pain, neck pain

want to get relaxed

want to be healthier


Wednesday: 10.30 - 11.30

Thursday: 14.00 - 15.00

Friday: 16.45 - 17.45


first trial class: free of charge;

monthly 1x a week: 42 euros;

monthly 2x a week: 52 euros;

Class sizes are small, please contact us

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Testimony & Thoughts

More than one year ago, Izabella introduced us into the world of yoga - and we love it! Her empathetic and sensitive character feels good and familiar. The mix of exercises and relaxation is exactly what we need every week. During the class she has an eye on special problems of each individual and also afterwards she is always all ears for suggestions and has recommendations for keeping your body in optimum shape and finding the right balance in your daily life. We are always looking forward to every class with her.

Nina Huebner & Stephan Zuch

I started classes with Izabella almost a year ago as I wanted to balance other physical training with more focus on flexibility and relaxation. I found that as well as my individual practice, Izabella's classes helped me to switch off at the end of a busy week and now it's part of my weekly routine that I wouldn't want to lose. No matter how stressed I am when I enter the class, I always leave completely refreshed, relaxed and ready for the end of the week!

Jade Allan